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Financial Professionals

Financial professionals have established themselves as “Trusted Advisors” for their clients. 

Many times, senior clients seek financial advice, including home and mortgage questions from their trusted financial professional.  In today’s changing economic times, one of the most common questions today is what can you tell me about Reverse Mortgages? 

Reverse mortgages provide many advantages for the senior borrower:

  • Provides access to their home equity without the requirement of monthly mortgage payments. Borrowers must continue to meet ongoing property obligations such as homeowner’s insurance and property tax payments.
  • Could allow senior to purchase a new home with no monthly principal and interest mortgage payments
  • Could provide source of cash flow while borrower allows their investments to recover from market losses
  • Improves a senior's standard of living or allows them to live out their dreams
  • Pays off existing mortgage freeing up monthly cash flow which would have been committed to ongoing mortgage payments.. With the reverse mortgage there are no more required principal and interest mortgage payments. Borrowers are required to continue making payments for homeowner’s insurance and property tax charges and obligations.
  • Allows the senior to maintain their independence while living in their own home
  • Provides money for in-home health care or medical expenses
  • Proceeds received from a reverse mortgage proceeds typically do not affect Social Security or Medicare.

As a Trusted Advisor, it is imperative that you can provide accurate and timely answers about today’s reverse mortgage.

The 1st Reverse Mortgage USA Lender Network is dedicated to educating Financial Professionals who are truly interested in the well being of today’s seniors.  We do not believe that every senior citizen needs a reverse mortgage; however, we do believe that every senior home owner needs to have accurate information and a full understanding of the safe guards in place by HUD with reverse mortgages.      


Tap Home Equity When Markets Drop – Kiplinger
In down markets, seniors can protect and even grow their retirement account funds by using a Reverse Mortgage as income instead. Financial planning expert John Salter.

The 6.0 Percent Rule – Gerald Wagner, Ph. D., in the Journal of Financial Planning
The long-touted “4 percent rule”, which  says that a person planning for a 30-year retirement could withdraw 4 percent of their initial portfolio value in the first year and thereafter without depleting their funds before the end of said retirement. Dr. Wagner’s study looks at a new strategy: the “6 percent rule,” and how a Reverse Mortgage can increase the chance of success in maintaining retirement funds. Read complete study with charts and references.

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Reverse Mortgage used to be thought of as a last resort for seniors who were running out of money. Read about how studies show that using a Reverse Mortgage earlier in retirement is a much better alternative.

*Investment News requires free, one-time registration to read articles online.

Standby Reverse Mortgages: A Risk Management Tool – Journal of Financial Planning
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Consider new uses of reverse mortgages for clients - Investment News

Bolstered by the research of some leading financial advisers and new rules from the Department of Housing and Urban Development

Unlike those who take on conventional mortgages, reverse-mortgage borrowers aren't required to make monthly payments. The loan must be repaid only when the borrower moves or dies, but interest accrues on any unpaid balances. Investment News: Read More

*Investment News requires free, one-time registration to read articles online.


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